The Autopsy Of Jane Doe

The Autopsy Of Jane Doe almost gets the formula right, which is good enough in an industry just packed with lacklustre horror, but it still doesn’t have the juice to be considered a classic. Near the end it kind of derails a bit and throws some cheap scares and a touch of illogical plotting our way, but the effort put in is better than that as a whole, so it wast tough to forgive. One thing it nails is an atmosphere of dread. Picture this: two coroners, a father (Brian Cox) and son (Emile Hirsch, who’s been MIA for awhile) are working late, in the calm before a very large storm set to batter their town. The local sheriff (Roose Bolton from Game Of Thrones, who’s real name escapes me), has brought in a stiff, an unidentifiable dead girl who perished under, shall we say, odd conditions. As the pair of them work into the night, strange things begin to happen, and a sense of unease, directly related to the corpse, begins to grow. It’s apparent that the body has some freaky secrets which are now wreaking havoc all over the morgue, causing quite the hellish night for Cox and Hirsch. What a scenario, eh? They milk it for all it’s worth, and come up with something pretty effective. Cox can pretty much play anything perfectly, and his slide from stalwart mortuary expert to frenzied self preservation mode is quite impressive. There’s some genuinely blood freezing moments of terror as well, the isolation, creepy morgue drawers, bumps in the night and overall malevolence hanging in the air to provide that wicked atmosphere. It’s just when things get a bit hectic near the end it loses some of the magic, feeling like something a little cheaper and run of the mill. For the most part though, this one is a prime spine tingler and one of the best horror efforts so far this year.

-Nate Hill


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