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Before this year’s terrific genre-bender Spring, Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson crafted Resolution, a super low-budget psychological thriller that embraces genre elements while cleverly subverting your expectations. Much in the same way they did with Spring, these guys demonstrate a serious command of atmosphere and unique style, while also allowing their frightening scenario to play out with a sense of intelligence and mystery and black humor. The action centers on Mike (Peter Cilella, effective), who travels to a remote cabin to visit his friend Chris (Vinny Curran, hyper and messy) who has been smoking crack and generally acting a fool. Mike handcuffs Chris to a pipe inside the cabin in an effort to get him straight and sober. Little does he know that druggies will be coming to look for Chris, and that the cabin they’re staying in doesn’t belong to them, in more ways than one. Then, all sorts of strange stuff starts to happen – think Cache meets The Ring meets Cabin in the Woods on a micro budget – and while the final sequence certainly evokes the supernatural, I’d hesitate to call this film a “horror” movie in the traditional sense. Much like Spring, the multi-hyphenate talents aren’t content to play it simple, as they clearly seem to be interested in elevating their material with a level of cerebral attention that will have me coming back for more in the future. It’s a cool 90 minutes of sketchy cinema, and having viewed it after Spring, I can see how their second effort feels like an even more logical next step after this. I’m expecting great things from this interesting duo…


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