Undoubtedly one of the silliest, most aggressively ridiculous movies I’ve encountered, The Food of the Gods was released in 1976 and was mildly based on the H.G. Wells novel The Food of the Gods and How It Came to Earth. Written, produced, and directed with lunatic glee by shlock-master Bert Gordon, a conossieur of rear projection giant-themed C-movies (Village of the Giants, Attack of the Puppet People, The Amazing Colossal Man), The Food of the Gods centers on a mountain town that experiences a series of attacks by mutated animals that have ingested a mysterious substance, and it happily lurches from one scene to the next with an amazing grasp of its own idiocy firmly intact. Each performance is terrible in its own special way, the directing is haphazard, the “special effects” are bargain-basement atrocious and absolutely hilarious to behold, and the musical score and sound effects completely bonkers. And yet the movie remains a pisser all throughout, exactly because of how shitty-amazing it is as a whole. The finale involving a siege of plus-sized rats attacking a house followed by cinema’s chintziest flood has to be seen to be believed. Everyone HAD to know what a piece of crap they were all making, and when they all saw the finished effects work and the stupid looking killer animals on display (THOSE CHICKENS POWER), they hopefully all had a laugh. The final moments are actually fairly dark and clever. A Samuel Z. Arkoff Production of an American International Pictures Release.



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