The thrill and creativity of Beetlejuice will never be replicated. Directed with insane zest by an in-his-prime Tim Burton, I can’t stress how many times I’ve seen this wild and wacky movie, and I am beyond excited to show this film to my son when he’s at a very impressionable age. This was a MEGA-EVENT for me as a seven year old; the fact that this film got a PG when PG-13 was an option still makes me laugh. Between the coupling of “Nice fuckin’ model!” with the testicle-double-honk to all of the rather gory and sometimes gruesome special effect make-up work to the various sexual innuendos – it just makes me laugh how this one escaped through the system. Everyone was on fire in this film; Geena Davis, Alec Baldwin, Jeffrey Jones, Catherine O’Hara, Winona Ryder, Sylvia Sidney, Glenn Shadix, and of course, Michael Keaton, in one of his signature roles, all delivered note-perfect performances. I love how this movie never feels like its playing by any set of predetermined rules, with Michael McDowell and Warren Skaaren’s witty and subversive screenplay being a perfect match for the idiosyncratic stylings of Burton’s fertile visual imagination. Danny Elfman’s score is an all-timer and the creepy production design by Bo Welch a tremendous accomplishment, while the playful yet ominous tone gave off a vibe that allowed for endless possibilities. It’s interesting to read how the original script evolved significantly, and how at first it was a much darker and more sinister piece. Produced by The Geffen Company and released by Warner Brothers in late March of 1988, Beetlejuice would become a critical success and audience favorite, and over the years, thank the Cinema Godz, any talk of a sequel or reboot has never formalized. I’d love it if we could all keep it that way. Oh, and Bob Goulet “Putz” POWER.



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