Richard Linklater’s Everybody Wants Some is a fun and amiable college-set comedy about a group of baseball players going to school in Texas who spend the first few days of the new school year getting wasted, chasing the ladies, and generally acting like a bunch of horny and rambunctious clowns. Set in 1980 and filled with wall-to-wall classic rock hits and all sorts of hilarious wardrobe and production design, the film does feel, to a certain degree, like Linklater’s “spiritual sequel” to his far greater and more ambitious high school classic Dazed and Confused. But if Everybody Wants Some lacks that film’s overriding sense of lightning-in-a-bottle-magic, the bros in his newest tale are fun to hang with (to a certain extent…), the drug humor is funny, the ball-busting on display is frequently inspired, and the women are all very, very attractive. Slight, modest, and totally in love with itself from first frame to last, Everybody Wants Some benefits from it’s mostly unknown cast of charismatic actors hiding behind ridiculous mustaches, and feels like yet another effortless extension of Linklater’s idea of unassuming, organic cinema.


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