Predestination is a gloriously trippy and constantly surprising time travel movie that plays by its own set of mind-bending rules (as all the best time travel narratives do), constantly busting out twists and tricks, and is refreshingly story-focused and character-centric as opposed to being obsessed with empty flash and CGI-spectacle. Despite what appears to have been a modest budget, the film has been made with extreme smarts and lots of style. Directed by The Spierig Brothers, an Australian duo who previously helmed the solid B-movie Daybreakers, this one is a huge step forward for them as filmmakers, as they confidently crafted a tight and exciting and constantly shifting sci-fi piece based on the Robert Heinlein short story.


Ethan Hawke is customarily intense as a Temporal Agent, essentially a time-travelling cop, who is trying to track down a serial bomber throughout the decades. Australian actress Sarah Snook is flat-out fantastic as an, ummm, interesting woman caught up in the mystery, giving dual performances (don’t want to spoil anything!), and generally registering as someone who needs to be closely paid attention to as an actress. She has a confidence that immediately draws you in, and when you see her performance, I think you’ll agree that she should get serious traction in Hollywood. This is a very entertaining, low-profile indie genre item that deserves the big fan following that I feel is waiting around the corner.


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