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Lighthearted, spirited, and undeniably charming, Catch Me If You Can is easily one of Steven Spielberg’s most purely entertaining films, and it’s a work that I find to be hugely re-watchable and always a pleasure to behold. Leonardo DiCaprio was light on his feet in a way that feels very far removed from his more recent performances, taking on the role of a notorious conman whose exploits seem too impossible to be true. The based on a true story narrative is extremely well calibrated, with screenwriter Jeff Nathanson effortlessly blending family dynamics, chase-film elements, con-artistry, various love interests and side-plots, and two, off-beat, father-son relationships that stretch between DiCaprio and his dad, warmly played by Christopher Walken with twinges of sadness in-between the margins, and Tom Hanks, as the FBI agent who doggedly pursues the young criminal as he hitches free rides on planes and cashes his own perfectly forged checks. There isn’t one aspect to this film I’m not enamored with, between the jaunty John Williams score to the gorgeous cinematography from Janusz Kaminiski, and then there’s that amazing opening title sequence, Michael Kahn’s peppy editing, and that ridiculous supporting cast. This movie is pure fun and yet another reminder of how generous and loving The Beard can be as a storyteller.


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