One of my favorite comedies, the immortal Groundhog Day feels like the sort of studio-crafted entertainment that would be hard to replicate these days. Directed by Harold Ramis, who co-wrote with Danny Rubin, this 1993 offering was a big box-office hit and critical favorite, with Bill Murray turning in one his best and most playful performances as an egotistical Pennsylvania weatherman who is cosmically forced to relive the same day, over and over again, in order to be a better person and win over the woman he truly loves. Some might call this movie a high-concept stalker flick, and you wouldn’t be too far off, but because there’s nothing truly menacing on display in this family-friendly item, with Murray’s romantic wooing of Andie MacDowell coming off as sweet rather than salacious. The supporting cast is packed to the gills with character actors and familiar faces, while the dialogue is instantly quotable and often times extremely hilarious (“Don’t drive angry” and “Is it snowing in space?” are two of my favorites). I also think that this is a movie where repeated viewings are required to truly appreciate every single brilliant layer to this thoughtful, introspective, and hugely entertaining piece of work.



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