Escape from Tomorrow is a work of cinematic madness. This willfully deranged little freak-out was written and directed by Randy Moore, and because this was his debut feature, the film feels even more radical than if a more seasoned filmmaker had attempted something similar. The narrative pivots on a recently unemployed father (Roy Abramsohn, totally out of control) who takes his family to Disney World for the ultimate vacation, only to have the entire experience spin out of control due to his increasingly sketchy hallucinations and perverted sexual visions. The vast majority of this film was shot guerrilla style on the grounds of Disney World and Disneyland, without permission or permits, which obviously is a no-no and only amps up the anxiety of the entire picture; Moore also fled to South Korea to complete the visual effects and editing process so as to remain undetected by Disney and their lawyers.


There’s a bizarre streak a mile wide in this film, with lots of bad-trip imagery which will certainly startle the most jaded of viewers, while overall the film clearly would speak to someone like David Lynch, as the surreal nature of the entire piece really needs to be seen to be believed. I can’t truly describe this one. But trust me, you’ve not seen anything like it. Escape from Tomorrow premiered at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, and was personally chosen by the late Roger Ebert for inclusion in his film festival, Ebertfest. This is pure outlaw cinema that will delight those looking for something that could possibly leave some scars. Available on Blu-ray/DVD and various streaming providers, but beware, this film will most certainly not be for everyone, but for adventurous cinematic souls who have a thirst for the wild side, Escape from Tomorrow could become an instant obsession.



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