Mark Pellington’s LONE – A Review by Frank Mengarelli


To steal a lyric and song title from Billy Squier to describe Mark Pellington’s audaciously brilliant LONE, this short film truly is, emotion in motion.  There are few films that I have seen that have been as beautiful and painful that have left me gobsmacked after its conclusion, and Pellington’s LONE is certainly one of them.  This film is a 52 minute piece of pain, love, loss all swirling around your screen.  To define this film is abstract and experimental as the film itself.

The imagery, color tones, music and everything about this film is painfully beautiful and remarkable.  Pellington uses his gravitas as a filmmaker to give you this beautiful showboat of a film.  His ability to break every rule in filmmaking to convey honest and raw feelings is his strongest suit.  This film has the aspects of the climactic moments of the end of THE TREE OF LIFE.  I have said this before, and I will continue to say this when I speak of Pellington and his films, but if Terrence Malick, Bob Fosse and John Cassavetes had a child, it would truly be Pellington.  Lars von Trier would be the godfather.

Reflection is Pellington’s authorship.  His filmography (including his tremendous music video work that he still continues to champion) as well as his work on the television show COLD CASE are many things but above all they are reflective works.  All contain mirrored emotions.  Whether those emotions are painful or nostalgic in a positive way means very little to Pellington.  He wants you to experience it all.  All the crazy love, all the crazy pain – he wants you to experience life, and everything that comes with it.

LONE is available to purchase or rent on Amazon Instant Video, VUDU and iTunes.

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