PTS Proudly Presents Jake Macapagal POWERCAST

Jake Cast



Podcasting Them Softly is honored to present a chat with actor Jake Macapagal, the break-out star of Sean Ellis’ hard-hitting action drama METRO MANILA. A British Independent Film Award nominee for 1his work in this ambitious and searing film, Jake brought an intense magnetism to his role of a father and husband willing to go the extra mile for love and the possibility of a better future for his family. METRO MANILA is available to stream on Netflix and for rental/purchase via Amazon, Vudu, and Region 2 Blu-ray and DVD. It’s one of the best films that’s received next to no buzz in the United States over the last few years, and we can’t wait to see where this smashing success takes Macapagal in the future!  Thanks for your time, Jake — and good luck with all future projects!

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