Best and Most Beautiful Things is a very intense documentary, on any number of levels, and is the type of film that will reduce some to tears while watching. It also has the capacity to make you laugh, smile, feel frustrated, and by the end, enlightened. It highlights the life of Michelle Smith, a 20 year old legally blind woman living with her mother in Maine, who also suffers from a form of autism. But these apparent setbacks aren’t enough to keep her from her fulfilling her dreams, and from finding someone special. It’s Smith’s dream to live a life that she feels is normal, comfortable, and happy, no matter how different it all may seem to others. Because director Garrett Zevgetis smartly kept such a fixed and forthright grip on his subject, and because Smith is such a lovely and positive-minded person, the potentially maudlin subject matter is given an honest ray of hope.


This is a unique coming of age story that will have the potential to move anyone who encounters it, a work that reminds us all that there’s a rebel inside of everyone, and how when faced with challenging odds, the human spirit is capable of glories that may not be so readily apparent. Inspiring and unexpectedly provocative, this is a piece of work that deserves to be seen, and it’s very cool to note that Kevin S. Bright, one of the producers of television juggernaut Friends, helped to get this film financed and produced. Films like this are important because they strive to show the human spirit and what people are capable of. Best and Most Beautiful Things was released in select cities last December, and is now available to stream via ITunes and is also available for purchase on DVD. The film will be added to Netflix on January 9th.


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