Robin and Marian is a ton of fun, directed with zest by Richard Lester (a favorite filmmaker of mine), and preformed with twinkle-in-the-eyes star-power by Sean Connery and Audrey Hepburn. Robert Shaw and Richard Harris were both fantastic (as always), and the rest of the deep supporting cast was ace down the line. How and why this film isn’t available on Blu-ray is beyond my level of comprehension; the cinematography by David Watkin is absolutely gorgeous and worthy of proper restoration. John Barry’s jaunty and romantic score perfectly sets the mood, while the final act hits some very emotional notes for the characters, with a pleasing sense of gentle melancholy hovering over the final moments. The chemistry between Connery and Hepburn was wonderful in this movie; they sell the idea of cinematic romance with serious conviction.  This was the first movie that I saw Connery in, as it’s one of my father’s favorite films, and I probably saw this with the family when I was eight or nine years old. Throughout the years, it’s been an easy choice to make in terms of a title worth revisiting, because it just puts a smile on my face.



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