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This is going to sound absurd, coming from me and all, but AVENGERS AGE OF ULTRON might just be my favorite Marvel movie. Sure, it is riddled with things I do not like about the cookie cutter template Marvel has perfected, along with a lot of the trite shtick from the mainstay characters, but there are aspects of this film that completely overrule my hangups with Marvel Studios.

What makes this film work so well is that this time they brought in a villain who you believe actually CAN destroy the Avengers. For as charming and cute Tom Hiddleston is, I found Loki to be incredibly inferior in the first film. But Ultron is great. From the design of the character to the motivation, and especially with the voice casting of James Spader. Ultron works incredibly well.

I love The Vision too. He’s such a great character and looks incredibly cinematic. Bravo for Paul Bettany, all those years of voicing Tony Stark’s computer finally paid off. Old boy finally gets some screen time!

The other aspect of the film that I absolutely love are the inclusions of Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch, who are two of the most interesting characters brought into the entire MCU. Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olson are terrific together, and their characters are so well written, their additions into the story comes off as organic as possible.

As a friend pointed out recently, a huge hangup in this film is the fact Quicksilver gets shot. I mean…really…?

While the film still stays comfortably within its own safe zone, Robert Downey, Jr’s same song and dance, the joke every three and a half minutes, I truly feel that Joss Whedon took some bold and legitimate chances with this film, just not enough to keep me vested and wanting more from Marvel. But hey, that’s just me. Regardless of how I personally feel about the MCU, it is clear they know exactly what they are doing and really don’t need to change a thing of their well-oiled machine.

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