I’m a sucker for a good extraterrestrial narrative, and the supremely wicked Dark Skies, which was released to ho-hum reviews and weak box-office back in 2013, is one of the more enjoyable genre offerings in recent memory. This is an intimately scaled sci-fi horror thriller with engaging performances from Keri Russell and Josh Hamilton as suburban parents who are being visited, along with their children, by something spooky in the night. J.K. Simmons is very effective as the alien hunter who helps them solve the mysteries that are plaguing their house. Written and directed by Scott Stewart and produced by the now-on-fire Blumhouse Productions, the film has an absolutely chilling and upsetting final scene, which really drives a stake through the heart of any parent who might be watching. The crafty cinematography is by David Boyd, while Joseph Bishara provided the ominous musical score and was in perfect tandem with Peter Gvodas’ sharp editing. Dark Skies isn’t groundbreaking, but sometimes a nasty and efficient little chiller is all that’s required.


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