PTS Presents the Raymond Benson Auteur Series: DAVID LYNCH Volume 1

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Podcasting Them Softly is incredibly excited to continue our Raymond Benson Auteur Series with our first of a two part chat about the works of David Lynch. Frank, Tim, and Raymond discuss Lynch’s early works continued through his features ERASERHEAD, THE ELEPHANT MAN, DUNE, BLUE VELVET, and the first two seasons of TWIN PEAKS. The three of them will be back soon covering Lynch’s filmography from WILD AT HEART to TWIN PEAKS: THE RETURN. For those local listeners, please check Raymond’s website for upcoming book signing appearances for Raymond’s new novel, THE SECRETS OF CHICORY LANE.

One thought on “PTS Presents the Raymond Benson Auteur Series: DAVID LYNCH Volume 1

  1. Nice show. I got into David Lynch from ‘Blue Velvet’ mostly, being an avid Dennis Hopper fan, and have followed him since. Loved Twin Peaks. I’m a student of paranormal phenomenon, a Fortean you might say, so it suited me.

    I’m sure you remember the famous IMDb message boards. The ones for the David Lynch movies were quite busy. One day on the Twin Peaks one there was the suggestion that in Season 2 there was an allegory about the Frankenstein story, Windom Earle being the Doctor, Leo the monster and Shelly the ‘bride’. The poster said they got the idea because Shelly was the only one that Agent Cole could hear properly. And Bobby Briggs refers to Leo as ‘Leostein’ once. I thought it figures. I could easily see Lynch being a fan of the Shelleys.

    And then on the Mulholland Dr. board people were talking about the prominent portrait of the painting ‘The Cenci’ by Guido Reni in MD there in Aunt Ruth’s living room. Beatrice Cenci was a noblewoman in Italy who was abused by her Count father to the extent that she murdered him aided by some relatives. The Count was infamous as a scoundrel so her act was justified in many minds. She was executed by beheading, and a legend has it that she haunts the area it took place carrying her head. I thought that figured also, Lynch using child abuse as a theme. People even thought that Diane Selwyn was abused by her father considering the lesbian streak she has. Percy Shelley wrote a poem about Beatrice Cenci, and the Italian filmmaker Lucio Fulci made a movie about her.

    Since you mentioned Luis Bunuel it made me think of my theory that Lynch was possibly somewhat inspired by the Bunuel movie ‘Belle de Jour’ for the Twin Peaks story. In that the woman was molested as a child and has quite the masochistic tendencies.

    I liked Season 3 ‘The Return’ a lot. Considering the time lapse a lot happened and they allowed for that. Major characters absent, Donna, Annie, Catherine. That figured to me. Three very troubled women who had noting but trouble there. Especially Donna. Her best friend murdered, her boyfriend runs off and she finds her father isn’t really her father. And poor Audrey! I thought she is in a mental facility of some sort, having nightmares. And Sarah! Seemingly possessed but apparently not having an entirely bad time, although quite sad. Nice to see the Dale Cooper saga more or less ended. Although if they do decide to continue there are always stories to tell in Twin Peaks, considering there is a portal to another dimension just outside of town.
    Look forward to another podcast.


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