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Episode 21: 20th Anniversary of HEAT with Special Guest F.X. FEENEY


F.X. Feeney, Moro Bay 2009 (1)It was an absolute honor to be joined by film critic, historian, screenwriter, and author F.X. Feeney to discuss the 20th Anniversary of Michael Mann’s masterpiece Heat. His latest book, Orson Welles: Power, Heart and Soul, is available from The Critical Press and through Amazon. Prior to dealing with Welles, F.X. contributed to the great filmmaker book series from Taschen with the definitive exploration of Michael Mann and his works. He’s written two screenplays, The Big Brass Ring which was directed by George Hickenlooper and was based on an unproduced script by Orson Welles, and the Roger Corman classic Frankenstein Unbound. He served as film critic and creative consultant for the now famous Z Channel back in the mid 80’s, and his articles have appeared in LA Weekly, Movieline, People Magazine, Variety, Vanity Fair, and the magazine for the Writers Guild of America West. He also wrote the Roman Polanski filmmaker book for Taschen which is an extraordinary resource on that filmmaker, and served as a co-producer on the fantastic documentary Z Channel: A Magnificent Obsession. This was a total thrill to discuss one of our favorite films with one of the true experts on Mann’s oeuvre, and we hope you enjoy this most passionate and informative chat!