Film Review

The People vs OJ Simpson – A Review by Frank Mengarelli


We’ve reached a tipping point with dramatic television.  The new golden age of TV has almost reached this Marvel-esque oversaturation point.  There is a constant onslaught, whether on the television itself, or ads online, of new programming.  Programming that promises to be different, to be sharper, to be like nothing you’ve seen before.  Then came THE PEOPLE VS OJ SIMPSON.

This new series, American Crime Story, started last night with its pilot episode, and it is PHENOMENAL.  We all know the story, we can recall the nostalgic era of the OJ trial.  Jay Leno and his dancing Itos, the NBA finals game getting minimized for the “high speed” chase, but how much do we actually know about it?


The cast is paramount, stringing together former star power with character actors and current talent; the cast may very well be on the top tier of television ensembles ever.  Sarah Paulson and Bruce Greenwood as wonderfully solid as ever.  John Travolta, David Schwimmer, Courtney B. Vance, and Cuba Gooding Jr have dusted themselves off, and marked their return in wonderful showboating performances.


Larry Karaszewski and Scott Alexander have created a show that not only drums up our nostalgic rememberings of the greatest media circus ever and humanizing it, but also made this at a time where the social climate of the OJ trial is more relevant than ever.  Just when you thought TV couldn’t get any better, then came THE PEOPLE VS OJ SIMPSON. 

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