For Your Ears Only: Thunderball

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Tom and Frank are back with their latest installment of Podcasting Them Softly’s James Bond series, For Your Ears Only. This time they discuss Terence Young’s final outing as Bond helmer with THUNDERBALL. Tom and Frank are joined by fellow James Bond aficionado Mark Ashby as they discuss in great detail what many consider one of the best Bond films.

3 thoughts on “For Your Ears Only: Thunderball

  1. Thanks for this. I haven’t quite finished listening yet but I enjoyed this. As I listened, it occurred to me that Thunderball is to the Connery Bond films what Star Trek—The Motion Picture is to Star Trek movies: that it’s the biggest of them, the most expensive looking of them, the highest concept of them, but struggles with pace. Not to me, I love Thunderball; but I get it that this is a slower film and it has its dips. By contrast, Lewis Gilbert practically threw plot logic away, but he was brilliant at creating Bond films that stay exciting from start to finish. It’s an interesting contrast: Young, the director of better stories; Gilbert, the director of superb pace; and Hamilton, a sort of best-of-both-worlds between them. Good podcast! 🙂


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