Film Review

Darkness Falls

Darkness Falls is, for the most part, a cheesy little cheapie horror flick in the vein of The Ring or others, predictable as ever and doesn’t stray too far outside the box of genre convention. However, there is one sequence right near the beginning that’s so good it could be it’s own little short film independent of the rest of the thing. In the coastal northwest town of Darkness Falls (you’re pretty much setting yourself up for spooky shit if you call your town that), the monstrous ghost of a hundred year old woman has come back to haunt residents. Dubbed the Tooth Fairy when she was alive because she gave gold coins to kids who would bring her their teeth, she was killed by an angry mob when two of the youngsters went missing and there was no one else to blame. Now she’s back, and grown up Kyle (Chaney Kley) has returned to his hometown to try and stop her. Cue a tiresome parade of dimly lit, poorly edited chases, near misses and jump scares that don’t have much of a lasting impact. Now, as for the opening five minutes of the film, the whole sequence seems to be from a different, way better film and is genuinely terrifying. It opens as young Kyle is alone in bed on a particularly rainy night, and the ghost is somewhere in his room, belting out eerie shrieks and scuttling all over his walls and bedsheets, this whole part is probably what caused my lasting fear of darkness as a kid and remains one of the best spook show prologues of any horror flick, especially when he races out into the hall to find his mom and the bitch follows both of them all over the house. Sadly, after that first few minutes of quality, the rest of the film gets progressively less scary, badly written and overall starts to blow. Put it on with your friends for a good few minutes of pure unfiltered dread, and after the title credits just crack the beers and keep it going as background noise for an hour or so, because it won’t hold your attention for long. That first scene though.. fuck man, I’ve never been the same since.

-Nate Hill

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