For Your Ears Only: John Glen’s LICENCE TO KILL

LTK update

Frank Mengarelli and Podcasting Them Softly’s James Bond resident, Tom Zielinski are joined with returning guests film journalist Paul Sparrow-Clarke and novelist and film historian Raymond Benson to discuss John Glen and Timothy Dalton’s final outing in the franchise, Licence to Kill. Tom and Frank will return with their discussion of GOLDENEYE.

Artwork provided by the very talented Jeffrey Marshall.



One thought on “For Your Ears Only: John Glen’s LICENCE TO KILL

  1. Enjoyed listening. I was at the world premiere of this movie at Leicester Square, London, back in 1989 and it remains a favourite. I was lucky enough to meet John Glen and Cubby Broccoli that day and the programme they signed remains my most treasured possession. Your podcast is very much from a North American perspective and it would have been good to hear a counterpoint; perhaps someone who could also tell you how to pronounce Daniel Craig’s surname correctly (not Cregg but Craig as in plague). You have no idea how annoying that is to a British ear!! :-))


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