“I never touched a legend before.” : Remembering Nightbreed with Nicholas Vince by Kent Hill



Seems to me NIGHTBREED had been out for a while before I made a point of sitting down to watch it. I’d seen the trailer a bunch of times, been curious, but it wasn’t until I read the illustrated screenplay that I admit to really becoming hell bent on checking it out.1411764498435

It is at once a phantasmagoria, a dark fantasy, a love story – a rich, self-contained world that seemed on the verge. But, as I would discover, the powers that be didn’t receive from Clive Barker what they were hoping for. He had produced for them two Hellraiser pictures, thus they made the mistake of assuming they were set to receive yet another study in fear. Especially with a title like, Nightbreed. Hence you have the reason for the fractured state of the movie and all the subsequent releases and restorations – the producers attempting to fashion the movie into something it was never meant to be.


What you ultimately take away from Barker’s monster-piece is the feeling of wanting more – and not just a re-cut of the existing elements. I suppose that’s why the idea of a Nightbreed series, I feel, would work better than another motion picture. There is so much to mine, so many characters – along with my favorite, Kinski (played by my guest Nicholas Vince), that I would love to see make a return.

So, kick back and enjoy our discussion on all things concerned with the tribes of the moon. God’s an Astronaut. Oz is Over the Rainbow, and Midian is where the monsters live.”





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1002747_10151651644449691_942999894_nWe are very excited to announce and introduce artist and actor STEPHEN LACK to join our actor’s spotlight series.  All of our listeners will instantly recognize Stephen as Cameron Vale in David Cronenberg’s 1981 classic SCANNERS.  He then re-teamed with Cronenberg in the role as Andres Wollek in DEAD RINGERS.  He was also featured in Larry Cohen’s PERFECT STRANGERS, Michael Grant’s HEAD ON, and Allan Moyle’s RUBBER GUN which Stephen also co-wrote.  Please check out Stephen’s website STEPHENLACKART.COM to get a glimpse at his fantastic no-expressionist art work.  For our listeners in New York, Stephen’s work is on display at the Castor Gallery on the lower east side throughout September.  We hope you enjoy this as much as we did!