TRUE DETECTIVE 2.2 NIGHT FINDS YOU – A Review by Frank Mengarelli

Vince Vaughn rat story

Dir. Justin Lin

“It’s my strong suspicion, we get the world we deserve.” – Ray Velcoro (Colin Farrell)

There’s been so much backlash and disdain for the new season of TRUE DETECTIVE. Vince Vaughn isn’t delivering his performance well enough, Justin Lin’s direction is misguided, the dialogue is not lyrically poetic like it was in the first season.

No one had higher expectations than I did when it came to the new season. I have watched the first season in full at least five times, and watched select episodes much more than that. This season I’ve watched the first episode four times and the second episode that aired last night, three times.

This new season is absolutely excellent. It is exactly what the second season should be, a distinct and sharp contrast from the first, while keeping the same themes and upping the darkness of the new leads.


Vince Vaughn is brilliant in the show. He’s an under educated streetwise thug that speaks in double negatives and his physical persona fleshes out the towering and domineering Frank Semyon incredibly well. The character of Frank Semyon is brilliantly constructed, and at this point in the series, Semyon is really the only sympathetic character, but we have yet to be fully exposed to his shadow world where the other three leads clearly live.

Lin’s direction has been outstanding thus far, from the overhead shots of the LA highway system, to the creeping close up to Vaughn’s face in his opening monologue to the extreme close up of McAdams’ eye as she is viewing the darkly salacious videos on her laptop. Lin is obviously influenced by Michael Mann. The gorgeous industrial complexes, the overhead shots of infrastructure and the blue toned shots of Semyon’s home, to me, are clearly influenced by Mann, and in particular his seminal film, MANHUTNER.


And yes, holy Rick Springfield showing up as the eerie doctor who clearly has a much bigger role in the arc of the series than his brief scene in the most recent episode. He was great as himself in CALIFORNICATION.

And no, I don’t think who got shot is dead. While it would be quite audacious of killing that character off so soon, they’ll be back in next week’s episode. I don’t want to trek into spoilers, but I do not believe for a second that the character is dead.


Creator Nic Pizzolatto continues to absolutely amaze me with his writing. His dialogue is just as fierce in this season; especially without coding it in poetry. He transitioned to pulp dialogue for this season, and it works incredibly well. This season seems to be a nightmarish merging of CHINATOWN and THE LONG GOOD FRIDAY. I cannot wait for next week’s episode.

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