PTS Presents Artisan Workbench with RYAN WARREN SMITH


unnamedPodcasting Them Softly is extremely excited to present our latest Artisan’s Workbench chat with special guest Ryan Warren Smith, who served as production designer on this spring’s indie sensation Green Room! Our love for Green Room is seemingly endless, so it was a special honor to speak with the guy responsible for making that film look and feel so scuzzy and nasty! Some of Ryan‘s other fantastic credits as production designer include the brilliant and heartfelt indie Wendy and Lucy with Michelle Williams, The Motel Life from the Polsky brothers, and the Sundance film For Ellen, wich was directed by So Yong Kim, and stars Paul Dano. Ryan got his start in the industry as an on-set dresser on films like Sean Penn’s Into the Wild, which we’re both massive admirers of, Gus Van Sant’s Restless, the intense drama The Burning Plain, and he served as property master on the phenomenal if underseen western Meek’s Cutoff. We also get a chance to hear about his upcoming projects which sound very exciting. We hope you enjoy this terrific conversation!

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